Harley CV Carburetor

Well-tuned Harley Engine with CV-Performance

CV Performance has announced brand new brass pilot and main jets for Harley-Davidson CV and CVK carburetors. Now, the CV carb has been around Harleys since 1989 and it ain’t changed a whole lot in that time. So, the guys at CV-Performance, specialists in all things Harley performance-related, have added these new jets to their precision-machined range. All made in the USA too even if the stock carb isn’t!

Well-tuned Harley Engine with CV-PerformancePilot jets for CV and CVK carbs are available as follows:

Size                 Harley P/N                   Keihin P/N
#42                 27171-89                    N424-25B-42
#44                                                    N424-25B-44
#45                 27170-89                    N424-25B-45
#46                                                    N424-25B-46
#48                 27165-90                    N424-25B-48
#50                                                    N424-25B-50

Well-tuned Harley Engine with CV-PerformanceMain jets are available in the following sizes:

Size                 Harley P/N                  Keihin P/N
#170               27125-88                   N424-27-170
#175               27090-89                   N424-27-175
#180               27243-95                   N424-27-180
#185               27185-90                   N424-27-185
#190                                                 N424-27-190
#195                                                 N424-27-195
#200               27105-88                   N424-27-200

CV-Performance main jets are all sized to OE specifications from Harley-Davidson and Keihin. If you’re using them with a DynoJet kit or other aftermarket jet holders (emulsion tubes) the threads will not match. Always use an OE holder/tube or the CV-Performance emulsion tube with CV-Performance brand jets.

And if you want to be certain that these are good jets, you only need to read some of the reviews on the CV-Performance web site! No bad  or even indifferent reviews, all just singing the praises of this excellent American company and saying how much better their bikes performed with the new jets! So for a well-tuned Harley engine with CV-Performance, head over to Veebase.com where you can buy these jets from $4.95 – and you don’t have to buy packs, they come individually!

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