Bassani: Bassani Road Rage B1 Exhaust For Harley V-Rod 2007-2017 (Type: Straight Muffler w/Black Fluted End Cap / Finish: Chrome)

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Bassani Road Rage B1 Exhaust System For Harley VROD The B1. This is the grand-daddy of 'em all. Big pipes ... Read more
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Brand: Bassani

  • Bassani Road Rage B1 Exhaust System For Harley VROD The B1
  • This is the grand-daddy of 'em all
  • Big pipes designed to move lots of gas out of big motors
  • If you are not sure if you need this system, you probably don't
  • That's in no way a statement of judgment
  • The rider whose bike is making enough horsepower to use this pipe has spent hours researching, even longer fitting parts together, and has more money in dyno runs than others spend on their hop-up parts
  • Daryl
  • Bassani designed this exhaust to offer the most to owners of bikes making over 120 horsepower
  • Typically, the bikes that qualify have been on a dyno and seen that number as a minimum
  • Bikes that may meet that benchmark will typically have a high flow air cleaner, possibly an intake or carb change, camshaft(s), jugs, pistons, and possibly head work
  • Honestly assessing your bike's power is crucial here - if you're fudging your numbers to justify this pipe, you may actually hurt your bike's performance
  • The B1 system utilizes more diameter steps than the B4 system, and as such, promotes better
  • HP and torque numbers on engines built for bikes that are at the creative end of 'streetable'
  • Daryl also spent time going over the importance of the collector in this system
  • Effectively acting as a 'collector-within-a-collector',
  • Bassani has drawn on their research to help each cylinder most efficiently help its mate through exhaust scavenging
  • Utilizing the same principles used in carb venturi development,
  • Daryl and his team are able to manipulate the velocity of exhaust gases to tweak every last shred of oomph from your motorcycle
  • The B1 is featured as part of
  • Feuling's BFD system - B assani- F euling D yno-proven
  • Daryl's exhausts are a necessary ingredient for going fast
  • You don't have to take his word for it the dyno doesn't lie
  • Features: Designed specifically to address the needs of tuned motors built for high horsepower applications 16-gauge steel 2-into-1 equal-length stepped headpipes
  • Full-coverage heat shields and O2 sensor port plugs included (for non-sensor applications)
  • Replacement Quiet Baffle also available
  • Made in the USA

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Finish: Chrome
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