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Ride Command

Indian Motorcycles Ride Command 2017

It’s that time of year again and Indian Motorcycles® have just released their lineup of new and improved models for next year. It’s an interesting mix of revamped stalwarts from the stable but at the upper end, the big thing is the new Ride Command ™ Infotainment system which is grabbing the headlines. We’ll review the full 2017 lineup in a couple of days when we’ve checked the models out ourselves but we think we should give some details on the infotainment system right now as it’s a real heads-up (about the only thing it doesn’t have – Indian designers please note). Ride Command® is by far the biggest and the bestest infotainment system available o... »

Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches

Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches

It’s Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches. Yup, haven’t we been here before (that’s what Groundhog Day means, H-D, in case you missed it, so Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches is a really big deal)? Has quality control taken a pillion seat at Harley-Davidson? Seems that here in the USA we haven’t yet had this recall but in Australia it’s been issued and someplace called Canada which they tell me is just a ways north of us here has had a recall notice too. We’ve read a few articles about this but so far H-D(USA) is keeping quiet. Looks like EXACTLY the same problem they did a big recall for in 2014. So, riders in Australia and ... »

Harley-Davidson factory open house dates

Harley-Davidson factory open house dates – 2016

Wanna know how they build 'em? Take a tour on one of the Harley-Davidson factory open house dates. You may just have to take one home! »

New Stores

New Stores join Veebase! This is BIG!

Exciting new stores for Veebase Well, the geeky, nerdy protoplasms at Veebase are positively glooping! They tell me that four new stores join Veebase as of today and I’m almost as excited as they are (I have to say that or they go all moody on me). Actually, I am really excited about the news as it brings some big-hitters on board and increases the number of products available on the site from 150,000 to over 180,000! This must make Veebase one of the biggest V-twin shopping sites in the world so hats off to that team! New stores are always good to have and even I was surprised when I saw them. So, I hear you ask, who are these new stores? I guessed you’d ask so here they are.  K... »

Harley-Davidson exhaust noise

Is your Harley-Davidson exhaust noise making the right NOISE?

Is your Harley-Davidson exhaust noise making the right noise for you? Riding a Harley-Davidson isn’t all about the sound – but, hell, it gets you noticed over them other pussies on Hondas and stuff – and changing the exhaust or muffler is one of the easiest customizations you can do. But, have you found the right noise? Our good friends at Revzilla have produced this great video to help you. We could listen to it all day, when we are not out riding! In fact, we do! Ain’t nothin’ sweeter than the Harley-Davidson exhaust noise! Now, there’s some folks who moan about our exhaust sounds. They seem to think we should play quiet like we was riding a Goldwing or ... »

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