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All New Harley 2016 Lineup - Update

New Harley 2016 Lineup Colors

Following my excitement at Sturgis, I missed telling you about some of the great new colors out this year, so much so that I got a comment from one of our English H-D friends. His name is Joe and he is a mobile hairdresser who covers the country areas in Yorkshire. Now, I hear you snigger, but this guy has a great time riding around beautiful country on his 2008 Road King, seeing to the chicks nee... »

All New Harley 2016 Lineup

All New Harley 2016 Lineup

Y’all have a great Sturgis? Your man here sure did (groan:Ed)! Saw and photo’d some great bikes – and great chicks – had lots of beer, talked to lots of folks and sampled the odd JD (here we go:Ed). Ok, ok boss! Now, I got into a bit of trouble, nothin’ serious (ha!:Ed). August 8 at the Loud American Roadhouse, kinda windin’ down, Judd Hoos was doing  a great se... »