CV carb

Harley CV Carburetor

Well-tuned Harley Engine with CV-Performance

CV Performance has announced brand new brass pilot and main jets for Harley-Davidson CV and CVK carburetors. Now, the CV carb has been around Harleys since 1989 and it ain’t changed a whole lot in that time. So, the guys at CV-Performance, specialists in all things Harley performance-related, have added these new jets to their precision-machined range. All made in the USA too even if the sto... »

Stainless Steel Idle Speed Screw for CV Carburetors

Stainless Steel Idle Speed Screw for CV Carburetors

Adjust your idle speed without the need for a screwdriver with an extended stainless steel idle speed screw from CV Performance. The Speed Screw was created with one simple objective in mind…to help Harley-Davidson riders make idle adjustments easy – even at stop lights with gloves on. It’s a great looking product too – a custom and practical component that really gives your carburetor the e... »