Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset-Camera

Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset-Camera

Sena® Technologies, Inc. has now made the 10C available to the public, having announced it for limited availability and trialling in May 2015. With Bluetooth 4.1 onboard, this is the first product to give users almost unlimited access to music, phone calls, multi-way intercom, GPS and more.

The Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset-Camera builds everything into one package (they call it ‘unibody’). This way, you have just one accessory to deal with – camera & headset all in one neat little package measuring 4” x 2” x 1” (approx) and weighing in at just over 3 ounces. Neat or what!

So, let’s take a look at the camera. In video mode, you can have 30 or 60 fps at 720 pixels or switch to 1080 pixels and get 30 fps. More than adequate unless you’re running 4K at home! In stills mode, you’ve got 3.5 MP and whilst this ain’t as good as your iPhone 6 with its 8MP, it’s better than most. Field of view is a useful 125º with a fast f2.0 lens (now, that is better than your iPhone 6 – but you’d be pushed to notice it!)

Sena 10C with boom


But most of us will find the best bangs for our bucks from the audio/intercom technology. If your buddies have left you behind at the lights, you can still talk to them up to about 1 mile away. That’s some reach! The built-in FM receiver has RDS/AF (that means it’ll automatically find the strongest signal for the station you’re on), 10 presets, autoscan across 64 – 108MMHz (better than my home receiver). Voice quality on phone calls should be excellent as they’ve implemented the latest Bluetooth 4.1 software which also helps prolong battery life. Bluetooth4.1 also provides for even better dual-mode working – so fewer graunches when streaming Foo Fighters, chatting on the intercom and wondering where the hell you are all at the same time.


Sena10C Box


Drawback with all these stand-alone devices is always battery uptime. Sena claim talk time of 17 hours, recording 2 hours, radio 8 – 10 hours. You’ll be multi-moding so aim for about 10 hours. The charge-up time is 3.5 hours for a fiull charge but as it’s a LiPo battery, you won’t want to fully charge it as this can cause degradation by over-heating (general rule here: don’t let the battery get too warm, so don’t leave it lying in the California sun for long). So, charge to whatever you think you need and don’t worry about running out completely – as long as you can charge up from the bike or something else with a USB.



So what’s the price? Well, this is the lowest one we’ve found here!

Check out this really good from Revzilla too!

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