Introducing The Primo Game Changer

Introducing The Primo Game Changer

Looking for more torque? Rivera Primo is now offering a sprocket that works with the OE compensator assembly and fixes the gear ratio all at the same time!

What does the Primo Game Changer do?

Rivera Primo Game Changer

Image credit: Rivera Primo

The stock sprocket has 34 teeth with a 46 tooth clutch basket sprocket. The Primo Game Changer™ sprocket has 32 teeth, but still runs with the stock basket to give you all the down low torque your bike will ever need to get out into traffic or do those smokey burnouts for the Main St. Sturgis crowd!

The Primo Game Changer  kit includes an innovative “clip-on” adjuster shoe that clips onto the stock adjuster shoe to take up the extra slack in the primary chain created by the smaller sprocket.

Game Changer™ gear ratio kits are completely bolt-on and works on 2007 Later HD Touring & Trike models when used with the 2011 and later Screamin’ Eagle™ compensator assembly.

P/N 1066-0050 – 2007-2013 Big Twins
P/N 1066-0051 – 2014 & Later Big Twins

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  1. I have installed one of these on my 2011 Road King with a Lehmann Renegade LLS Trike conversion and what an awesomely massive difference this made.
    Only thing is the cruise control no longer works. So doing some investigating now on how to rectify this.

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