New Products from Bahn and Crusher

New Products from Bahn and Crusher

Must be nearly Sturgis then as a rash of new products starts to hit the street, or Bahn if you prefer (enough already!: Ed).

So, two new products from Bahn and Crusher (or Kuryakyn as they’re also known) add to the lines of air cleaners Crusher already has and starts a new line for Bahn. Both products are high-end, high-power air-cleaners with pricing that is pretty typical for this part of the market. Okay, what do you get for your bucks?

Bahn Air Cleaner

Bahn ChromeBahn Tuxedo

Dependent on the screen you’re viewing this on, on top or left, we have the Chrome and below or right, the Tuxedo – you’d never have guessed would you? Both are made from forged aluminum, the Tux being black anodized and every bit as smooth as the Chrome. No brands, logos or other free advertizing for the manufacturer on the cages so it’s all about you not them (hmm..). Cages themselves are minimalist in design, giving almost unrestricted air-flow for your motor which is what it’s all about really – you just need to get the max clean air in. Inside there’s a new K&N filter designed by the Bahn team to give that really big flow for motors developing up to and over 150hp. It’s amazing how much air you need to develop that kind of power – it’s not just the big cylinders and race cams ‘cos they’re not worth the money unless you can feed ’em! As you can see from the pics, the back-end is big so’s not to restrict the passage of that all-important air.

What do they fit? Well, any H-D in this list (the Bahn part no links to the fitting instructions):

  • ’93 – ’99 Evo Big Twin + CV Carb – Chrome #9579/Tuxedo #9578 (kit) or Chrome #9581/Tuxedo #9580 (ea)
  • ’91 – ’06 XL + CV Carb – Chrome #9583/Tuxedo #9582(kit)
  • ’07 – ’15 XL – Chrome #9585/Tuxedo #9584 (kit)
  • ’99 – ’15 Twin Cam + CV Carb/Delphi EFI – Chrome #9587/Tuxedo #9586 (kit, excl. ’08-’15 Touring/Trike, ’11-’12 FLSTSE, ’13-’14 FXSBSE & ’14-’15 FLSTNSE)
  • ’08 – ’15 Electra/Road/Street Glide, Road King & Trikes – Chrome #9589/Tuxedo #9588 (kit: some motors need a Throttle Body Support Bracket)

Crusher Maverick Air Cleaner

Crusher Maverick chromeCrusher Maverick black

Okay, chrome top or left, black anodized, fitted underneath or right. Like the Bahn, there’s a Crusher (Kuryakyn) -designed K&N lifetime filter. Could it be the same one they put in the Bahn? Answer is, we don’t know – yet. It’d certainly make a lot of manufacturing sense if they used the same one. Anyhow, it’s another big lung for motors under and over 150hp and complements the Crusher slip-on mufflers and 2-into-2 full exhaust systems with matching styling and a stainless steel Crusher logo on both chrome & black versions. Unlike the Bahn, the Crusher come with a stainless-steel gauze insert to help keep the crud out of your filter (wonder how many Bahn users will find that a problem? Let us know, guys!).

Fitment? Here’s the stuff, with links to fitting instructions linked in the Crusher part no:

  • Complete assembly for CV/Carbs/Delphi – Chrome #9886/Black #9881
  • ’91 – ’06 XL + CV Carb – Chrome #9887/Black #9882
  • ’07 – ’15 XL – Chrome #9888/Black #9883
  • ’99 – ’15 Twin CAm + CV Carb/ Delphi EFI  – Chrome #9889/Black #9884 (kit, excl. ’08-’15 Touring/Trike, ’11-’12 FLSTSE, ’13-’14 FXSBSE & ’14-’15 FLSTNSE)
  • ’08 – ’15 Electra/Road/Street Glide, Road King & Trikes,  ’11-’12 FLSTSE, ’13-’14 FXSBSE, ’14-’15 FLSTNSE – Chrome #9890/Black #9885

Okay, that’s the lowdown on these two remarkably similar products. Next thing you’ll need to know is the best price. It’ll appear here (Bahn, Crusher) in due course because we don’t want you to have to pay MRSP now do we, especially at $369.99 for the Bahn and $359.99 for the Crusher!

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