• WI-DAN posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    hello everyone out there.. my name is dan..i have been reading these forums for awhile now just thought i would join.. i have a 2005 road king classic with a 124 in t/c..built of the stock cases..ported heads by suburban harleys speed shop..s and s crank axtell 4 1/8th cylinders..soon to be s and s cylinders next surprised i have gotten 10000 miles out of them?? je pistons..cycle Rama 647 cams..the book is still out on them?? 135/135 on a stingy dyno..58mm hpi t/b.. ultra cool oil cooler ..fum bike..but looking at other cams next winter?? not a fan of t man, was thinking of fuelings 630 cams and baisley 1.7 roller rocker conversion to get more lift?? also macke 630 cams?? open to suggestions.. but i refuse to go with any of t mans products.. WI-DAN

    • Hi WI-DAN, sounds ultra cool set up! What’s your beef with T-man? I know they’re $$$$$ but it’s quality stuff.

      • you want good head porting done?? give rick cassell a holler at suburban speed thiensville wi.. suburban harley.[262 242 2464] ill put there ported heads up against anybodys..and at a fair far as t man, his stuff may be good,but he is a not very friendly and arrogant..but thats just my opinion.. i dont like to bad mouth folks,but have met the man,and if your not some big shot,he doesn’t have or want the time to talk to the average person.. and thats all ill say on that subject.. WI DAN

        • Probably way out of date on this, but does Jerry Branch still do porting?

          • yes they do and i had a set yrs ago on an evo motor,,they look real pretty all polished..but unfortunately.. they don’t flow much better than stock.. some good head porters are wfo larry.. suburban speed shop.. baisley but very expensive,, don dorfman,,john saachs,, there are a lot more good ones im sure just telling you the ones i know from experience that work good..

    • Hey, thanks for joining the community WI-DAN. I’d be interested to know if you had any special reason for changing to S&S? Have your Axtell cylinders been trouble?

      • lots of folks are or were having trouble with axtell cylinders..2 or 3 thousand miles and they were toast?? mine have 5000 miles and there starting to give up the ghost?? there quality has gone down thinking of trying delkron 4 1/8th bore cylinders..or s and s?? ive heard you can bore out the delkron cylinders to 127 inches?? and get custom cp pistons?? W IDAN


        • I’ve heard several folks complaining about Axtell liners moving or wearing egg shaped after only a few thousand miles. Is that what happened to yours? I don’t know much about Delkron, but you won’t go far wrong with S&S. Sure, all companies have the occasional problem, the important thing is whether they stand by their product or start making excuses. In my experience S&S have always delivered on quality & support.

          • thats exactly the problem with the axtell cylinders..and yes thats whats happening to mine..i think im going to go with ss cylinders and cp cylinders come with wiseco pistons..bad memories about wiesco from my snowmobile days.. im just trying to think outside the box on a new cam set my my 124 this coming winter??

          • i wouldn’t put axtell cylinders back in my bike if they gave them to me..THEY DON’T STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCT,PERIOD..