1914 Harley Davidson 600cc Model 10-B

Meet Buzz Kanter, our new Financial Planner

We all know Buzz Kanter – not necessarily personally – and bow to his knowledge of all things V-twin, especially Harley. Well, there’s nothing stands in Buzz’s way and he’s now branched out into helping us with our investment strategy. And he’s darned right! So, meet Buzz Kanter, our new Financial Planner

In an article in the august organ, American Iron, Buzz advizes that given the volatility of the global markets, anyone with even a vague interest in H-D or Indian bikes might want to look around for a vintage machine. As he says, there are still plenty lying around in backs of barns and elsewhere and we can only imagine the excitement of finding one (we’re still looking). But the investment potential should not be sniffed at. If you hang on to one of these motorcycles, you could be sitting on a tidy, appreciating investment vehicle (see what we did there?).

To give an example, Bonhams, the UK auctioneers have a sale in Stafford, UK, in October. They’re selling a bunch of motorcycles from a private collection, the Lonati Collection. Some fine old Indians and Harleys as well as Henderson’s, Thor’s, Pierces, etc. And some eye-watering prices too! Take a look.

1922 Harley Davidson 1,000cc Model JD Combination,1922 Harley Davidson 1,000cc Model JD Combination

Estimate $34,000 – 41,000






Or, if you fancy a rare Indian, how about

1914 Indian 1,000cc 7hp Twin1914 Indian 1,000cc 7hp Twin

Estimate $28,000 – 37,000






Then, the day after – and we know it’s not one of our own – there’s this

The Olympia Motorcycle Show, 1937 Brough Superior 990cc SS100The Olympia Motorcycle Show, 1937 Brough Superior 990cc SS100

And get the estimate….


$330,000 – 370,000!!!


And to add even more street cred, here’s an article from CNBC just a couple of days ago that confirms what the man says (okay, it’s about cages but the rap’s the same). So stick with Buzz, you can’t go wrong. Move over Merrill Lynch, there’s a new kid on the block! And he’s a nice guy too.


  1. Oh yeah, Jack Benny! Didn’t Ramjam do a rock song about him?
    Y’know ——–Oh Oh Jack Benny ram-a-lam, oh oh Jack Benny, ram-a-lam……..

  2. You know, all this talk about old Harleys reminds me of one of our great, great comedians, Jack Benny. Now, if I remember correctly, Jack was a keen biker, believe it or not and I often wonder what happened to his collection when he died in 1974 (aged 39, of course). My mom, called Pat, cleaned for him sometime in Bel Air and she was the inspiration for one of his gags. He used to come onstage with a blackeye and say, “I s’pose you’re wondering how I got this?”” Well…….you see I got this cleaner called Pat and she has a t-shirt with her name across the chest! ……….So, I did and……………” (points to blackeye!)
    If anyone knows of the whereabouts of any of Jacks’ HDs, do tell.

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