Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction

Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction Report

Well, over in the UK, they’ve been auctioning those motorcycles we blogged about a while back and there were some surprise prices paid. Don’t know about you, but we’re not really into auctions here so it’s all a bit mysterious how they work. Anyhow, the folks over there at Bonhams auctioned a whole lot of machines, 60 to be precise, on Sunday. The bikes came from the Lonati Collection which belonged to Tiberio Lonati, a wealthy Italian industrialist who died in 2013, who became interested in V-twins when his son, Francesco, showed him one. Like so many people, one wasn’t enough so he bought a few more. Quite a few more.

The Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction Report

Not all the bikes sold and surprisingly, some later Harley’s went for less than you’d pay for a new Street Bob. In fact, it’s realy quite interesting to look through the estimates that Bonhams put in the catalog and the realized prices. A quick review showed that Harley’s made mid-estimate prices on average (with a few notable exceptions) whereas Indians mostly exceeded the high-end estimates. In fact, the highest price recorded was for a 1930 Indian Model 402 Four Motorcycle (it’s featured at the top of this page) which had a high-end figure of $77,400 but went for a stunning $149,708!

Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction Report

This 1920 Harley-Davidson ‘Board Track’ Racing Motorcycle went for $26,700

Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction Report

A 1922 Harley-Davidson 1200cc Model JD Motorcycle Combination remained unsold

Meanwhile, some of the motorcycle combi’s didn’t find buyers, such as the 1922 Harley-Davidson 1,200cc Model JD Motorcycle Combination which was expected to make $34,000 – $40,000 but didn’t capture sufficient interest, much the same as a 1934 Harley-Davidson 750cc Model R Motorcycle Combination. A couple of other combis did go but there was more interest in a couple of Harley Servi-cars, one of which went for 50% more than its top-end estimate. Funny, tho, the other went  for well under it’s top expectation.

Military and police bikes did well but again you could have picked up a 1970 Harley-Davidson 1,200cc FLH Electra Glide Police Motorcycle for a little over $14,000. Late model bikes don’t seem too popular despite their vintage credentials nowadays.

But, if you own an Indian, partricularly an old Indian, you’re probablky sitting on a sound investment!

Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction Report

1946 Harley-Davidson 74ci FL ‘Knucklehead’

BTW, the bike we featured in our previous blog, the 1946 Harley-Davidson 74ci FL ‘Knucklehead’, had a pre-auction estimate of $30,000 – $38,000 but went for a little over $39,000 in the end. So, not all bad news on the Harley front! If you want to browse the full set of Bonhams auction results, they’re here.

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