Klock Werks Klip Hanger Road Glide

Klip Hangers on your 2015 Road Glide!

Klip Hangers on your 2015 Road Glide! What?

So, as a rider of a new Road Glide, you were jealous of Victory Cross Country, H-D Touring and Softail riders who had fitted Klock Werks Klip Hanger bars to their bikes? Well, come out of your sulk right now because you can get Klip Hangers on your 2015 Road Glide as of today!

Klock Werks Klip Hangers have been around for a while now, at least since 2012-13 as far as we can tell. The range has gradually been added to over the years but today – well , yesterday – Klock Werks announced Klip Hanger availability for the H-D Road Glide 2015. These bars have been around for 2014-15 models of Street Glides, Electra Glides, Ultra Classic/Limited, Trikes and the ‘batwing’ style CVO Models (‘though some models might need extended cables – Klock Werks can fill you in on 605-996-3700).

So why would you want Klip Hangers on your 2015 Road Glide?

So, what’s the big deal with these bars? Simply put, Klock Werks have put their racing team knowledge into the system that is used to lock the grip/control part (duh! where your hands go) into the most comfortable position for you and your long-suffering wrist (unless you’re The Rock in which case your wrists are the size of most peoples’ thighs and can cope darn well). The bars are all DOM (see this post for what that is) tube, made in The USA and come in 1″ and 1¼” diameters. The bars are drilled/slotted for cabling and work just fine with heated grips (why wouldn’t they? Ed) and the bar-ends are notched if you’re using fly-by-wire throttle. Klamps are machined from 6061 billet aluminum.

Klip Hangers on your 2015 Road Glide

There’s a choice of finishes: chrome (not shown), black/chrome, black or raw. And they say whatever height you want will do! Fits 3½” on-center risers. 5¼” riser top clamp. All come with an easy to understand installation process + pics so you can see where you’re going wrong.

Here’s the Klock Werks #parts and stuff:

0601-2040        Klip Hanger 10″ Raw

0601-2041        Klip Hanger 10″ Chrome

0601-2042        Klip Hanger 10″ Black/Chrome Klamps

0601-2043        Klip Hanger 10″ Black/Black Klamps

0601-2044        Klip Hanger 12″ Raw

0601-2045        Klip Hanger 12″ Chrome

0601-2046        Klip Hanger 12″ Black/Chrome Klamps

0601-2047        Klip Hanger 12″ Black/Black Klamps

So, if you want to fit Klip Hangers on your 2015 Road Glide try here for chrome or here for black for the best prices so far!