Indian 2016 Line-up

Indian 2016 Line-up

Well, just over half way through 2015 and we have a the new Indian 2016 line-up to make us drool! New Scout, the new Chief Dark Horse, Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Chieftain and RoadMaster and all with the 111cube Thunder Stroke® motor apart from the Scout which has the 69 cube, liquid-cooled engine.

Gotta say, I love that Chief Vintage! But Indian have very kindly produced an overview comparison chart for us.

Indian 2016 Line-up

2016 Comparison Chart


Indian Scout 2016

The entry-level bike, overall no major changes to what was originally acclaimed as a great bike when first introduced in 2014. There are some great options to customize your ride, though, and a new color, Wildfire Red.

Chief Dark Horse

Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016

New in this line-up as a marque of its own is the Chief Dark Horse for all those of you subscribing to the Henry Ford school of motorcycling. Available only in Thunder Black Smoke, this is essentially the 2015 Indian Chief Classic with a makeover – in more black. The ape-hangers look good in the publicity shot! More aggreessive than its stablemate the Classic, it’ll appeal to the younger rider (well, that lets me out). It’s also  cheaper by about $2,000 thus enhancing that appeal.

Chief Classic

Indian Classic Pearl White 2016

Classic Indian lines in a brand new color for 2016, Pearl White. Makes it look like a real retro bike whilst maintaining the modern features that so many riders now expect, like keyless ignition. She’s about 20 pounds lighter than her 2015 counterpart so with the same output from the motor, you should see improved performance. Base price is $600 lower than the 2015 model.

Chief Vintage

Indian Chief Vintage 2016

Mmm, #donchajustluvthatbike! We’re showing the Star Silver and Thunder Black here although we prefer the Willow Green and Ivory Cream. Thoughts around the table here are that this color is a winner in the retro style that Indian seem to manage to create. Want one!


Indian Chieftain 2016

New colors for 2016 mark out the Chieftain as a ride to have. As well as good ol’ Indian Red, we have Thunder Black, Silver Smoke and Star SIlver and Thunder Black. Gone are Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream as well as Red and Ivory Cream and Red and Thunder Black. Shame, we liked the Red and Ivory Cream. Oh well, progress or something.


Indian Roadmaster 2016

“…Oh ho, are we gonna fly Down in the easy chair?…”. You can just see Roger McGuinn rolling along with his bride on this! Okay, okay, it’s The Byrds and before your time maybe – but worth a listen. Back to the bike. New colors this season, Blue Diamond, Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream and Steel Grey and Thunder Black. Not too sure about the Blue Diamond which may have limited appeal but the Springfield Blue and Ivory Cream is great.

When we have any more info on the bikes, we’ll update this post. It’s been difficult to get all the info together as Indian’s web site kept crashing – must be a lot of interest in the new line-up.

Happy Sturgis!

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