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The way the V-twin community works will be familiar to anyone already using forums or social media sites like Face Book.

If not, and it all appears a little confusing, the following Quick Start basics should set you off in the right direction. For additional help, we’ve also included FAQs for each area of the community.

If your question is not covered below, or you’re having a technical problems, please visit the Questions & Support forum where a similar topic may have already been answered. If not please create a new topic and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

Quick start – community basics

  • Everything in the V-twin community is organised into interest Groups – e.g. Harley Riders, Victory Riders and Parts & Accessories.
  • Each Group contains an activity timeline (like FaceBook), a discussion forum, a news blog and galleries where you can share images & videos.
  • Anyone can view the content in a public Group, but to take part in discussions or share images etc you need to log-in and join the Group.
  • To join a group, click Groups in the main navigation and click the Join Group button next to all the Groups your’re interested in.
  • If you’d rather view all the blog posts, forum discussions or images in one place, simply select either  BlogForums or Gallery from the main menu.
  • In the Members area The Rider Groups > Members to see if anyone you know has already joined. Click Add Friend to send them a friendship request.


Here are the most commonly asked questions we’ve had so far. We’ll continue to add more as they appear in the support forum.

  • Can I visit the V-twin-community without joining?
    Yes. Non-members can view all the public community content – blog posts, forum discussions, calendar events etc – but they aren’t able to participate in any way.
  • What are the benefits of joining?
    As a member you can take a full part in the community including; creating and taking part in forum discussions, commenting on blog posts and member activity, sharing and discussing images, sending friend requests, messaging other members and adding events to the V-twin calendar.You can also take advantage of exclusive merchant offers & discounts – only available via the private Latest Product Offers group – plus a monthly email newsletter to keep you up to date with the latest V-twin product & community news.
Creating an account / Logging-in
  • I can’t complete my membership because I haven’t received a confirmation email – where is it?
    After you’ve completed and submitted the sign up form, you’ll see a confirmation page asking you to check your inbox. At this point the confirmation email has been automatically sent and you should receive it within a few minutes. If it doesn’t arrive, the most likely cause is that it’s been filtered by your email program. In 99% of cases you’ll find the email in your deleted, junk or spam mail folder.
Your Profile
  • What’s an Avatar?
    Avatars are the small images or graphical representations used to represent members in forums and communities.
  • How do I add an Avatar
    Easy. At the top of every page is a black bar. On right hand end it says “Howdy, [your name]”. Hover over that and a menu appears. Click ‘Edit My Profile’ then, on the page that appears, click ‘Change Avatar’.  You are then able be able to select an image from your computer and upload it. When the image has appeared, you can move and change the size of the cropping box to cut it down and zoom in the face or bike you want to feature.
  • Why is everything organised into groups?
    Groups make it easy for you to just follow specific topics by locating  related content together – e.g. forums, blog posts, galleries & member activity.
  • I’m a member – Why can’t I comment on a forum topic?
    If you’re unable to comment on a forum post, blog post or image, you either haven’t logged-in, or you’re not yet a member of the Group. (The ‘Join Group’ button can be found next to the group name)
  • I can message and comment on another Member’s activity already – why add them as a ‘Friend’?
    The easiest way to keep up with individual members – whether you know them, or they just post really good stuff – is to add them as a Friend. Once they’ve accepted your request, you’ll be able to filter the community Activity feed and just see what your  ‘Friends’ have posted.
  •  I’m running a motorcycle event – can I add it to the event calendar?
    Sure, that’s what it’s for! As long as it’s a motorcycle event that V-twin Riders would be interested in, we’ll include it. Just complete and submit the Add Event form and we’ll take a look. (Unfortunately, as we allow the inclusion of event urls, we have to moderate the content before it goes live).
  • I’ve submitted an event, but have made a mistake. How can I edit it?
    As soon as we’ve reviewed and approved your event , it will appear in the ‘My Events’ area of your profile. You can edit the event from there – we may have spotted the mistake and changed it for you!(NB. Any changes you submit will also need to go past the event moderator.)
  • Can anyone comment on a blog post?
    Yes, but they do need to be logged in. Due to the need for moderation, the community doesn’t offer a quick comment facility.
  • Do you accept guest posts?
    Sure, as long as the post is about American V-twin motorcycles, products, the biker lifestyle or something closely related to it, we’ll take a look. Get in touch and tell us what you’ve got.