And the March Prize Draw Winner is …..

 …. Victor! Congratulations! As the first name out of the helmet, @Victor is officially the winner of the first V-twin Community Prize Draw. A voucher for $250 is already heading his way. (Don’t forget to share some images with us Victor!) A big thanks to everyone else for taking part, especially all the new #vtwinners who signed up – better luck next time! Speaking of next time,... »

veebase price comparison

Attack of the Geeks

In Rumblings this week, I thought I’d fess up to a technical error I made last week that made our sister site,, virtually unusable for 24 hours. Judging by the (e)mail bag, a lot of you noticed it too! BTW, you can also get to it by clicking on the ‘Find Parts’ menu on the Community. Anyhow, now isn’t the time or place to go into all the technicalities of how we... »

Win $250 in our Free Members Draw

To celebrate the launch of The V-twin Community, Veebase is offering a FREE Members Draw for a $250 Voucher. We’re so sure you’re going to enjoy being part of the American V-twin community that we’re including all new memberships activated in March. No catch, it’s as simple as that. Simply sign up for your free membership before March 31st and you could start the season with an extra $250 to... »

Join the Ride

Veebase launches the V-twin Community

It’s here! is pleased to announce the official launch of it’s sister site the The V-twin Community is dedicated to making American V-twin motorcycles look and perform better. At Veebase we regularly receive emails from riders asking whether a particular part will fit, or how it will perform. While we can often help, we also know that the greatest untapped source o... »

The Buck Starts Here!

I was having some time off from polishing the chrome and had my Veebase web site helmet on – it’s a Bad To The Bone by Skid Lid. I always wear it when I’m on line in case of breaking Windows. (Okay, sorry about that!). Anyhow, I was just reading some stuff about shopping comparison engines and how careful you gotta be when using them. Now, this is  one of my fields, hence the Vee... »