Harley Davidson

When Sportster Meant Sport

Younger riders looking at the latest Harleys could be excused for thinking that the Sportster was originally designed as an urban chopper or small cruiser. Bikers of more advanced years know different. Back in the 1960’s, the Sportster was Harley-Davidson’s answer to the challenge from from Triumph, Norton and BSA. A light and nimble performance machine that could take on the popular B... »

New Avon Cobra tire combination for Harley Fat Boy

Avon Motorcycle Tires has introduced a new performance tire combination for owners of Harley-Davidson Fat Boys (2007 onwards),  Screaming Eagle®Fat Boy (2006) and the Fat Boy Lo® (2010 onwards). The new Avon Cobra AV71 front tire (140/75R17) and AV72 rear tire (200/55R17) make the perfect combination for incredible handling and stability, offering nimble handling at lean angles and in a variety of... »