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Kuryakyn LED Skeleton Hand Turn Signals

The new  Kuryakyn LED Skeleton Hand Turn Signals deliver a combination of sinister style and function. Special Discounts available These brand new Kuryakyn LED Skeleton Hand Turn Signals add more creepy style to your bike with each coffin-shaped cast aluminum housing featuring 18 individual single-function amber LED’s for maximum light output in a compact package. The turn signals offer superior i... »

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Attack of the Geeks

In Rumblings this week, I thought I’d fess up to a technical error I made last week that made our sister site,, virtually unusable for 24 hours. Judging by the (e)mail bag, a lot of you noticed it too! BTW, you can also get to it by clicking on the ‘Find Parts’ menu on the Community. Anyhow, now isn’t the time or place to go into all the technicalities of how we... »

The Buck Starts Here!

I was having some time off from polishing the chrome and had my Veebase web site helmet on – it’s a Bad To The Bone by Skid Lid. I always wear it when I’m on line in case of breaking Windows. (Okay, sorry about that!). Anyhow, I was just reading some stuff about shopping comparison engines and how careful you gotta be when using them. Now, this is  one of my fields, hence the Vee... »