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Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset-Camera

Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset-Camera

Sena® Technologies, Inc. has now made the 10C available to the public, having announced it for limited availability and trialling in May 2015. With Bluetooth 4.1 onboard, this is the first product to give users almost unlimited access to music, phone calls, multi-way intercom, GPS and more. The Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset-Camera builds everything into one package (they call it ‘unibody’... »

Helibars Horizon handlebars go Indian

HeliBars Horizon handlebars go Indian

At last, Helibars Horizon handlebars go Indian! With over 27 years experience in providing Harley & other makes’ riders with all-day, relaxed riding through superior handlebar style and alignment, Helibars® now brings the same comfort to owners of Indian Chieftains and Roadmasters, year 2014 and up. Acknowledging the overall engineering quality and style of these Indian models, Helibars ... »

DIY with Sumax Softail Bagger

DIY with Sumax Softail Bagger

Harley riders love to customize their bikes – it’s half the fun of owning one! And since we all try to be different, baggers now have the chance to do almost whatever they want with the introduction by Sumax of the new range of bags that you can fit up yourself. As with all Sumax gear, they’re all made in the USA. Bags come in two styles: stock length for standard softails or ext... »

New Küryakyn Airmaster® Dark Smoke Windshield

New Küryakyn Airmaster® Dark Smoke Windshield

Fed up with the wind knocking you around on your Victory? Well, Küryakyn have just announced that the Airmaster® Dark Smoke windshield is available to fit not only the Cross Country but the Tour & Magnum lines too. The Airmaster is just 1 inch taller than the standard windshield but it makes all the difference. The rest of the dimensions are unchanged so replacing your factory-fitted windshiel... »

Harley Livewire Concept

Project LiveWire: Is the Future Silent for Harley-Davidson?

With the announcement of Project LiveWire, Harley-Davidson unveils the electric concept bike and takes another step in the direction of the next generation and away from the baby-boomers it has so emphatically relied on till now. Now as one of the latter, I’m not (too) upset by the H-D move and the new electric motorcycle idea. Electricity is cheaper than gas, gas is running out (so they kee... »

veebase price comparison

Attack of the Geeks

In Rumblings this week, I thought I’d fess up to a technical error I made last week that made our sister site,, virtually unusable for 24 hours. Judging by the (e)mail bag, a lot of you noticed it too! BTW, you can also get to it by clicking on the ‘Find Parts’ menu on the Community. Anyhow, now isn’t the time or place to go into all the technicalities of how we... »

The Buck Starts Here!

I was having some time off from polishing the chrome and had my Veebase web site helmet on – it’s a Bad To The Bone by Skid Lid. I always wear it when I’m on line in case of breaking Windows. (Okay, sorry about that!). Anyhow, I was just reading some stuff about shopping comparison engines and how careful you gotta be when using them. Now, this is  one of my fields, hence the Vee... »