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Ride Command

Indian Motorcycles Ride Command 2017

It’s that time of year again and Indian Motorcycles® have just released their lineup of new and improved models for next year. It’s an interesting mix of revamped stalwarts from the stable but at the upper end, the big thing is the new Ride Command ™ Infotainment system which is grabbing the headlines. We’ll review the full 2017 lineup in a couple of days when we’ve checked... »

Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches

Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches

It’s Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches. Yup, haven’t we been here before (that’s what Groundhog Day means, H-D, in case you missed it, so Groundhog Day for Dyna Low Rider Ignition Switches is a really big deal)? Has quality control taken a pillion seat at Harley-Davidson? Seems that here in the USA we haven’t yet had this recall but in Australia it’s ... »

New Stores

New Stores join Veebase! This is BIG!

Exciting new stores for Veebase Well, the geeky, nerdy protoplasms at Veebase are positively glooping! They tell me that four new stores join Veebase as of today and I’m almost as excited as they are (I have to say that or they go all moody on me). Actually, I am really excited about the news as it brings some big-hitters on board and increases the number of products available on the site fr... »

Cheyenne Bike Recidivist – World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle!

Cheyenne Bike Recidivist – World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle!

The world’s first tattooed motorcycle, named ‘Cheyenne Bike Recidivist’, created by tattoo artists Tomasz Lech and Krzysztof Krolak from Poland. Personally, I don’t have any tatoos as my skin is so soft and fair, I’d hate to spoil it. That and the pain of going through a tatoo session, in fact  mainly the latter. But, as we all know, bikers and tatoos go together like... »

Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction

Lonati Collection Harley Indian Auction Report

Well, over in the UK, they’ve been auctioning those motorcycles we blogged about a while back and there were some surprise prices paid. Don’t know about you, but we’re not really into auctions here so it’s all a bit mysterious how they work. Anyhow, the folks over there at Bonhams auctioned a whole lot of machines, 60 to be precise, on Sunday. The bikes came from the Lonati... »

Helmet Cams Possible Hidden Danger

Helmet Cams Pose Possible Hidden Danger

If you’re like me, you enjoy all those videos of guys on their bikes, weaving down mountain roads, through sunlit trees seeing the same view that the rider is getting from his or her helmet-mounted camera. In an earlier post, we discussed how you make sure you get a helmet that fits your style and pocket. Now, everyone and their dog is fitting helmet cams (the Veebase Sniffer has her own, co... »

Harley CV Carburetor

Well-tuned Harley Engine with CV-Performance

CV Performance has announced brand new brass pilot and main jets for Harley-Davidson CV and CVK carburetors. Now, the CV carb has been around Harleys since 1989 and it ain’t changed a whole lot in that time. So, the guys at CV-Performance, specialists in all things Harley performance-related, have added these new jets to their precision-machined range. All made in the USA too even if the sto... »

Yellowstone Street 750 Custom

Yellowstone Harley wins USA Custom Kings

The very first Custom King has been crowned and he’s Alex Stewart of Yellowstone H-D, Belgrade, Montana! Of course, Alex didn’t do it all himself but he was the ideas-man and the ‘chef d’equipe’ (that’s French for he carried the can). Alex had a team of three working with him from the outset – more of the team and Alex later. Going back a ways to March, Ha... »

1914 Harley Davidson 600cc Model 10-B

Meet Buzz Kanter, our new Financial Planner

We all know Buzz Kanter – not necessarily personally – and bow to his knowledge of all things V-twin, especially Harley. Well, there’s nothing stands in Buzz’s way and he’s now branched out into helping us with our investment strategy. And he’s darned right! So, meet Buzz Kanter, our new Financial Planner In an article in the august organ, American Iron, Buzz ad... »

All New Harley 2016 Lineup - Update

New Harley 2016 Lineup Colors

Following my excitement at Sturgis, I missed telling you about some of the great new colors out this year, so much so that I got a comment from one of our English H-D friends. His name is Joe and he is a mobile hairdresser who covers the country areas in Yorkshire. Now, I hear you snigger, but this guy has a great time riding around beautiful country on his 2008 Road King, seeing to the chicks nee... »