All New Harley 2016 Lineup

All New Harley 2016 Lineup

Y’all have a great Sturgis? Your man here sure did (groan:Ed)! Saw and photo’d some great bikes – and great chicks – had lots of beer, talked to lots of folks and sampled the odd JD (here we go:Ed). Ok, ok boss! Now, I got into a bit of trouble, nothin’ serious (ha!:Ed). August 8 at the Loud American Roadhouse, kinda windin’ down, Judd Hoos was doing  a great set and I was with some guys from Tampa doing the JD thing (no, really:Ed). I had some great pics on the iPhone6 Plus, in fact all of my pics were on it. Somehow, I wound up back at Buffalo Chip, no idea how, a little green and purple. What happened? Don’t think it was a fight, no knuckle-skin missing, but one holy mother of a morning-after-the-nights-before head. And no iPhone (does this get any better?:Ed). Searched round everywhere, asked everyone, no sign. Don’t think there was any felony, just a surfeit of good liquor. Pain in the butt though when the trip was meant to result in some pics and editorial (tell me about it:Ed). But onwards and upwards and on with the news!

So, what’s in the all new Harley 2016 lineup?

You can always tell it’s a big deal when Harley wheels out (no pun intended, well, just a bit) so many senior people, directors and the like. We have no less than 6 commentators from inside and no doubt that’ll keep rising! In Harley’s late-night press release Sunday, they announced that not only were there new motorcycles coming out but that they were shipping to dealers right away!

In one of the biggest roll-outs of new and uprated models, the all new Harley 2016 lineup at a glance:

  • CVO – new Road Glide Ultra, updated Street Glide
  • Restyled and uprated Fat Boy S
  • Restyled and uprated Softail Slim S
  • Restyled and upgraded Iron 883
  • Restyled and upgraded Forty-Eight
  • Restyled and uprated Heritage Softail Classic
  • Upgraded brakes for Street 750, 500
  • Dyna’s all get Twin Cam 103 motor
  • Softails all get Electronic cruise control

So, where’s the beef?.

Let’s start with those 2016 Road GlideUltraCVO’s. The Road Glide Ultra has been neglected since 2013 – odd as it was only 2 years into production then – but it’s back with a bang now! Big news is the High Output Twin Cam 103 motor so this baby will fly. And when it’s flying, your legs won’t get quite so hot! Well, maybe. The aerodynamics have been tweaked with a wind-tunnel-tested 13.5 in. fairing, with Daymaker LED headlights, and there are changes to the control ergonomics to improve the way you feel when you’ve just ridden 200 miles. Color choice has been improved too with three new ones added (more anon). The whole motorcycle has been changed  and improved over the past two years! A single key-fob controls everything now so it locks everything as you walk away and disarms it as you get close. Hmm, could be fun trying to confuse it!

Street Glide comes with four new colors and the same 103 in. motor as it’s bigger cousin.

The new Fat Boy S looks like the sweetheart of the rodeo judging by the airtime it’s being given. It’s 2016 Fat Boy SDAAARRRKKK! Harley say it’s their darkest Fat Boy ever. Must be right then. Not just dark but they’ve added the Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B to make it even more scary. Somehow, the addition of electronic cruise control doesn’t fit this image. The kind of mean, aggressive rider this motorcycle is aimed at is hardly likley to pussy around with cruise control now are they? Still, now standard across the Softail model range so  you get it anyways – suppose it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Then there’s the Softail Slim S with the same engine as its more expensive – and darkly aggressive – cousin, 2016 Softail Slim Sthe Fat Boy S. With this motorcycle, Harley have taken a styling trip back in time to the years after WWll when custom bobber’s were the thing. The machine is available in Vivid Black or Olive Gold Denim which looks real nice…but we’re undecided on the military styling. We love our vets and we owe them more than we can ever give them back but is this just too cynical an attempt at brazen marketing? Don’t know. Be interesting to get everyone’s comments on that and to watch the sales figures. Jury’s out.

Then there’s the Sportsters.

The Iron 883 has improved suspension front and back that Harley says will help to keep the driven wheel on 2016 Iron 883the pavement rather than off it. More blacked out than its predecessor, it look and feels more like a racing bike and Harley’s promo images certainly try to reinforce that idea. The seat has been improved to give better comfort and durability of the covering. Now, the Olive Gold color scheme looks good on this machine,still pulling us back to 70 years ago and the khaki colors of wartime, but with the more sporty look of the rest of the bike, not seeming to look too ‘olde fashionede’.


2016 Forty-EightWith the Forty-Eight, Harley continues to upgrade the riding experience. Again, new and improved suspension give the motorcycle a better feel and improve handling no end. You’ll also get the improved seat from the Iron 883 – spoilt or what? With all that extra power of the 1200 EVO, inadequate suspension could prove the undoing of many a rider. Fat front tire and smart, cast 5-spoke wheels in stronger forks make this a racing machine to watch out for.

So, looks like you’ll be off to your local dealership this week-end, then. Your partner didn’t have any other plans I hope.

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